Hole 1


An 'easy' start as you play away from the clubhouse towards Dunster. There are always people around the tee so be prepared for a photograph of your follow-through.
It is a short par 4 which is drive-able for some. Others have to beware of the bunker 100 yards from the green on the left or the bushes on the right.
The second shot has to land on the green to miss the bunkers that protect the front and the left-hand side of the green. Sometimes an errant shot will leave you below the green on right-hand side.
Should be a putt for a birdie!

Hole 2


An elevated tee gives a good view of the hole and the drive needed to gain a good position for the second shot. The difficulty is keeping the drive on the 'humped' fairway especially if the wind is blowing.
For the high handicappers the grass bunker in the middle of the fairway may cause an issue with the second shot but most will play into the green.
The undulations on the green that make putting interesting with care being needed if putting down the slope.

Hole 3


Playing the opposite direction to hole 2 the wind change might prove an issue.

A good drive will lead you to a second shot that needs to avoid the bunkers on the left of the green and the steep bank down the right.

The little slopes on the green can cause putts to go wide of the hole leaving you frustrated.

Hole 4


Looking down on the green from the elevated tees and from the distance you have to hit it there can be confusion as to the club you have to take.

The bunkers on either side mean that you have to be accurate and the small size of the green does not allow for error.

Many players are short with their first shot leaving a need for a delicate chip.

A small ridge on the green can lead to you leaving putts short or hitting them too hard.

Hole 5


The first and easiest par 5 on the course.
Only the longest hitters will be able to get the drive onto the top level of this slightly left to the right dog-legged hole. For most, it is a blind second shot onto the upper fairway avoiding the out of bounds on the right.
A third shot onto the green will leave you with tricky two putts on this very slopey green.

Hole 6


A drive into the prevailing wind which hopefully avoids the bank down the right-hand side of the course or the dyke down the left.
This leads to a second shot into a small green.
As long as you are accurate and miss the bunkers on the left and right you may find that the annoying little slopes on this green prevent you from getting a birdie.

Hole 7


One of the more difficult drives on the course which encourages you to drive over the stream but most players will bail out to the left and be okay.
The second shot needs to miss the fairway bunkers handily placed 130 yeards away from the green.A third shot is also not easy with a green that always seems difficult to hit with many players leaving it short or down the right-hand side of the green.The green also slopes which explains why this is a high stroke index hole.

Hole 8


A drive over the corner of a field for the men with out of bounds down the right-hand side of the course.
The green seems a long way away and being quite small it is difficult to land the ball and keep it on the green.
Two putts and a smile as you walk away with a par on this seemingly easy hole.

Hole 9


If the wind is blowing across the course you have to be careful not to go out of bounds into the field on the right-hand side of the course.
The ditch seems to swallow up second shots as does the bunker in front of the green.
A a relatively flat green that has hidden slopes means that 2 putts are normally needed.

Hole 10


This should be easy!
We are now out at the farthest part of the course and will soon be turning around to cope with a change of wind direction.
A difficult tee shot over the bunkers at the front of the green means that many cannot stop the ball before it rolls off the side or back.
If you have a putt you have to make sure that it stops near the hole coping with the slope. A putt uphill can leave it short and a downhill putt might pass it by.
Smile when you putt it in for a three as this hole can easily cause cards to go wrong.

Hole 11


We now have the sea to the right hand side as we turn to face Minehead. Look at the views to the left over the hills and to the right towards Wales. Although the views are stunning you will now be playing into the prevailing wind.
Those who slice their drives will have to worry about the beach with a good drive seeing you down the fairway into a little bowl.
The second shot has to be judged to miss the bank that runs 115 yards from the green.
From here the third shot has to be on the correct level of this two tiered green. If the greenkeeper has had a bad morning the pin can be put into some very interesting places.
If you are on the correct level then 2 putts will give you a par, if you are not then it can be difficult judging the speed to get the ball next to the hole.

Hole 12


Another lovely view from the tee still give those who slice the ball issues with many having to aim very far to the left especially if there is a crosswind blowing.
There is plenty of room for the drive with the second shot having to clear the bank that runs across the fairway.
There is a bunker on the left front that seems to intimidate players to play into the bunker on the right of the approach to the green.
The green itself seems to have slopes that roll away from the middle causing difficulty in reading the line.
If you score a par you can be very happy.

Hole 13


The elevated tee shows that the difficulties with this hole lie nearer the green.
A easy drive onto the fairway then leaves a second shot that needs to miss the plethora of bunkers closer to the green. This shot has to find its way over the trouble or be threaded through the small approach.
The green slopes down towards the 14 tee which means that unless you are below the hole any putt has to be carefully judged.

Hole 14


Someone upset the course designer who choose to place not only a bunker in the front of the green but a hidden one just to the right of it.
Carefully placing the tee shot on the green can be difficult especially for the high handicappers.
Another sloping green can cause missed putts.

Hole 15


We now turn and play away from the clubhouse. Whatever the direction of the wind was for 11, 12 and 13 it is now the other way around.
The elevated tee does not show the hidden bunkers on the right-hand side of the fairway. If the wind is blowing into your face it can be difficult getting over the first bank.
The green slopes towards the fairway quite severely so the second shot not only has to miss the bunkers to the left and right of the green but should leave the ball below the hole.
When the greens are fast, putting down the slope can be a nervous occupation.

Hole 16


Another elevated tee gives a good view over the Bristol Channel as we turn back towards Minehead and the clubhouse.
A long hole especially if it plays into the prevailing wind, the drive has to miss the bunkers on the left-hand side as well as the out of bounds on the right.
The second shot must miss the bunkers down the left although the long hitters could go for the green in two. For others, a third shot has to thread its way through a fairly narrow gap.
For some reason this green always seems faster than others and along with the slight slopes, can cause agony to those now dreading putting on these wonderful greens

Hole 17


Playing over the 16th green the drive is an easy one onto a wide fairway.
The second shot has to get past the banks that narrow the approach. Be careful to miss the banks on the right as these are well grassed and will cause a hack that might miss the green.
The green is one of the fastest on the course and without due attention, you could easily be further away from the hole than when you started.

Hole 18


After 3 or more hours you can see the clubhouse but are faced with a daunting prospect. A downhill drive that must avoid the sand on the right-hand side as well as the bunkers on the left.
Many players are short with their drive with the second shot needing to get close to the hole. If the ball ends up on the tarmac path a local rules state that this is part of the course and you have to play off it.
Unlike the 16th and 17th greens this one can be a little slow so many putts end up short.

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