Minehead and West Somerset Charity Fund Raising.

The Club Captain has nominated two local causes for his Captain's Charity this year, namely Watchet Dementia Action Alliance and Minehead Dementia Action Alliance.

“When considering my captain's charity this year, due to our family having been touched by this illness of late, local Dementia Care seemed the obvious choice. We all joke about my own lax memory, however when we thought about it, we wondered what there would be for an old codger who loves his sport and wildlife like me to keep them “engaged”?”
Dorrien Bickerstaff - Club Captain 2016

Dementia is a degeneration of the brain that causes a progressive decline in people's ability to think, reason, communicate and remember. Their personality, behaviour and mood can also be affected. Everyone's experience of dementia is unique and the progress of the condition varies. It affects people of all ages, colours, creeds, backgrounds and interests. Dementia is considered “young onset” when it affects people under 65 years of age, some as young as 35 in the prime of life.

Nigel Gardner is taking part in a charity walk to raise money for brain tumour research.
Our best wishes go with Nigel.

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