All-year-round Membership of the club is open for those who wish to join. We welcome all age ranges and also offer a social membership for non-playing members enabling you to use our superb club house facilities. To join, simply print out, complete and return the application form below.

The full adult rate is £795 per annum with significantly reduced rates for those under 41 years of age. We also offer reduced rates for Country Members starting from £180 depending on where you live. For a full list of rates click here.
We have the facility for you to pay the subscriptions monthly should this be more desirable, at a small extra charge of the total fee.

Please contact us for more details. You will be made very welcome.

Afternoon membership

Available from April 2018 for casual golf.
Open to new members only and those who have not been members of M&WSGC for at least one complete subscription period.

Play only from 12:00 in the winter.
Play only from 14:00 in the summer (April - end October)
No competitions
Just £360

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